Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I got what I found, at least what i thought was worth sharing. This was a pretty general request just like the Lamborghini post, so I may not have every car. Aside from that, enjoy this blast from the past.
(even if it wasn't from yours :P)

Datsun 100A
Goin' for a hike

Datsun 100Y
Back Alley Fighter

Datsun 240Z
Speeding Bullet

Head First


Datsun 280Z
Man of Steel

Orange Passion

Marine's Camo

Walking in Autumn
Gas Station Serenade

Datsun 1600
Time Lapse

Datsun Bluebird
Missing Something

Datsun GX Coupe
Smokey and da Bandit

This one's for you WagDatto! 
Keep those requests comin' guys. :]