Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dodge SRT-4

I'm a pretty big fan of the SRT-4, I've come to realize most of my friends don't feel the same way but i really don't care. I think the main reason as to why I even find interest in them is because i got a car like half a year ago and it happened to be a 02 Dodge Neon.. nothing fancy but it ignited my inspiration for my interest in that car.
so now that i'm kinda new to bloggin' i just thought it'd be the first thing i'd share. :]

here are some pics i found on carpr0n on tumblr.

No lie, my car looks really similar to the second one. Mainly that theyre the same color xD I wish mine looked this badass.

I planned on doing work on my car originally, but now i realize with it being my first car i probably shouldnt do anything to it yet. Especially since money is such an issue... and who upgrades a neon se anyway? If i had anything modified I'd want it to be manual not automatic. Too much hassle to change the engine and the transmission...


  1. Never really been a fan of the Neon. If I were you I'd save up for something you'd like more then mod it.

  2. if i were you, i would buy some other lights. its not really expensive and it makes your car look way better than before, especially when you have not much money :)